These classes are taken from the web sites from the following companies.  Please follow the link that is attached to their name for more information or updates.

**Classes in Red are completed and are kept for reference only**

APCO training

05/14/2018   Active Shooter Incidents for Public Safety Communications 2nd edition Wayne County Justice Center



International Academies of Emergency Dispatch

Tuesday May 8 Thursday May 10 13.0 Advanced EMD Certification Marysville
Monday May 14 Tuesday May 15 EMD Quality Assurance Xenia
Monday May 21 Wednesday May 23 13.0 Advanced EMD Certification Norton

The Public Safety Group

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Wednesday May 23 Thursday May 24 Communications Training Officer Gahanna
Monday June 11   9-1-1 Hacked, Attacked and Where's That Dublin
Monday June 25 Tuesday June 26 Communicatons Center Supervisor Dublin

The Public Safety Group in conjunction with Profile Evaluations is announcing on-line training, register at http://peionline.mrooms.org

Course Catalog - PEI-911 Online

Other Upcoming Training Courses:


StressIt's All in Your Head - 3-week course - Starts April 16


Domestic Violence - 3-week course - Starts April 23


Updated 2018!  Active Assailant4th Edition- 3-week course - Starts April 30


Bring it On! 2nd Edition: Surviving and Succeeding in this Crazy, Wonderful Profession - 3-week course - Starts May 7


Building for Excellence, 2nd Edition: Management and Leadership Tools for 9-1-1 Professionals - 6-week course - Starts May 7


Communications Training Officer, 2nd Edition- 6-week course - Starts May 7


Challenging Callers, 2nd Edition: Communicating with Children, the Elderly and the Mentally Impaired - 3-week course - Starts May 7


Updated 2018! Crimes in Progress2nd Edition - 3-week course - Starts May 7


Hiring Right for 9-1-1 - 4-week course - Starts May 14


Basic Telecommunicator Training2nd Edition - 4-week course - Starts May 14


Suicide Intervention - 3-week course - Starts  May 21


Customer Service - 3-week course - Starts May 28



Tuesday May 1   Hostage Negotiations Kettering Police

Public Safety Training Consultants

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Friday April 6   Active Shooter Situations Columbus

IXII Group

    Call or email to Host a Class Today!! Help your center reap the benefits of hosting a class.  

Ohio Amber Alert

Do you want to learn more about Ohio’s AMBER Alert, Missing Child Alert, and Missing Adult Alert programs? If so, FREE training is available to law enforcement agencies and other organizations. We offer a variety of courses and can even customize training to meet your specific needs.  Click the link above to learn more.

Equature Learning on Demand


First Contact 9-1-1